Project Description

FASCINATIA STICLEI (GLASS FASCINATION) produces decorative and utilitary luxury glassware in a wide range of colors. Between these: vases, plates, fruit plates, ashtrays, bowls, office decorations, hung and table lighting. All products are hand-blown by blowing trough the pipe tehnique.

Our collection is complemented by decorative objects made of borosilicate glass (thermorezistent): hanging vases, bottles, teapots, cups, candle holders and shishas, mostly decorated with gold, silver or platinum. For decorating the walls we paint Islamic art on glass and Christian art on glass using the gold foil. The pieces, created and signed by the artist in the glass Jeni Costachescu are unique or made in small series.


Fascinatia Sticlei


9-11 Energeticienilor Blvd, Sector 3, 032092 Bucharest, ROMANIA


+40 775 567057, +40 0733 582779


+40 31 4327220

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