Meet the Romanian Brands at

September 7-11, 2023

Meet the Romanian Brands at

September 7-11, 2023


Hall 6 — Stand D145

About us

Established in 1994, the Visa Wood company produces fronts from MDF, pale wood, offering a varied range of products and services at the best quality. The experience of 29 years of activity is due to the quality standards that we respect without making concessions.

Furniture manufacturer, Visa Wood is different in the marketing square by the fact that it has always  an innovative vision, it pursues first of all the satisfaction of the work well done, sustainable and necessary to improve the quality of life of the clients.

Decorating the physical space with a certain type of furniture, suppose a metal convenience, a positive energy that can influence our mood. The way we arrange our home favors creativity, rest, inner joy.

A piece of furniture to the customer’s taste usually means fitting it into the available space in such a way, to be useful and pleasant, to enjoy the color, shape, line, texture, but not according to fashion trends, but  according to real, individual preferences and needs.

Visual perception must be warm, welcoming in accordance with the client’s personality, temperament and lifestyle.

The contemporary design we use, with state-of-the-art machinery, last generation, finishing, milling curved or straight lines stimulates creativity, reduces anxiety, gives the feeling of freedom.

Therefore, the smooth finishes create a special harmony, a refreshing and unique vibe that helps to balance the emotions.

A wonderful layer, spectrum of colors, less saturated such as the neutral shades of white, cream or gray in combination with the different texture of wood essences, can create spectacular but also intimate spaces, at the same time.

The play of bright colors, a drop of yellow, orange, blue or even black takes us out of the daily routine and gives us dynamism, vitality.

The color and quality of the paint has the role of changing the shape and size of the furniture but also of the room itself. By choosing a suitable color, you will be more connected to the space where you live or carry out your daily activity.

No matter that we are talking about the living room whether it is the living room, bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, the furniture from Visa Wood is special, exceptional.

In addition to the high standard of quality,  Visa Wood offers its customers a special vision in terms of innovation, saisfaction and the appearance of the finished product.

Visa Wood emphasizes geometry as an integral form in the decor, each element having its importance, not being random chosen.

Our business card, you find in the overview of furniture pieces that we produce, conveys an elegant, discreet message full of refinement and comfort, things that represent us.

As a limit, we proposed infinity and we accept every hardihood of each client’s imagination, subjectively speaking, to create beautiful unique things, to speak for themselves about beauty and quality.

We participate with everything we produce in top events, national and international haggle, exhibitions, accessing a diversified spectrum in the furniture and decoration market.

Visa Wood designs executes high-class furniture pieces that have the following goal: to satisfy the requirement of naval furniture but also for yachts, in which we are well anchored by professionalism.

At the same time we are extremely talented and well rated in the Art Deco market, art that makes you think of luxury materials and textiles, bright colors and glossy surfaces.

This art actually makes you think of gallery or sitting room from France or New York of the last century, when everything was designed with great care and good taste, and the bound between progress and elegance is due to the artisan artists who are passionate about this art, succeeding in a naturally way to give life and color material things.

Thanks to them, we had, right from the beginning, a clean, modern image with clear, rational geometric shapes for this type of furniture which we perform impeccably.

The market of Fronts us well like Classic Furniture is another production encouraged by success, wood production being the most complex activity in the wood industry, the most efficient form of wood value in terms of size and  value added tax to one cubic meter of raw wood.

Numerically controlled machines, in three or five axes, better said CNC programming method, allow us a certain lightness and precision in processing solid wood, MDF, pal material and also the category of composites.

3D printing technology on any type of material such as floor tiles, stoneware, faience, wood, pal material, glass, plastic is easily regarding of the flexibility or hardness of the material.

Likewise, the Visa Wood factory benefits of state-of-the-art performance equipment for thermoforming, wrapping and painting.

Using High Gloss technique is a great advantage because it dries quickly and resists shocks, scratches, and the exceptional shine of the finished product is reflected as in a mirror.

Visa Wood is a true challenge of art who does not speak but you can  understand it through vision, innovation, satisfaction and appearance.

Invest in quality and you will transform the house and all the important spaces where you live or carry out your daily activities, into the most pleasant place of rest, silence, meditation, dreaming, love, happiness, harmony.

Visa Wood is more than an interesting production, it is a state of mind and a world where you feel good, at home.

For the kitchen

The kitchen is a very important space for everyone, especially when it represents the meeting place of the family, the place where we cook quality food and drink coffee relaxed after a full day of activities.

Kitchen furniture, cabinets, countertops designed according to certain quality standards stimulate feelings of contentment, well-being, optimism.